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Low Spill Secure Loops

Secure Low Spill Loop Systems

Need to install loops side by side or you're concerned about privacy?

Loops can be designed to assist with both overspill and privacy concerns. 

Sometimes in densly used areas there's a need for loop systems to work side by side. Large perimier loops can't achieve this due to over spill but a carefully designed low spill system can. Another added benefit of low spill systems is increased privacy.

No induction loop system will be spill free but careful design can vastly improve privacy. Contact Us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Looking for a standard solution? Check out the large area loop section.

Ampetronic MLD5 MultiLoop Driver 5 230V
£ 1,635.48
(-10.00%) £ 1,471.93
Ampetronic MLD7 MultiLoop Driver 7 230V
£ 1,921.56
(-10.00%) £ 1,729.40
Ampetronic MLD9 MultiLoop Driver 9 230V
£ 2,504.88
(-10.00%) £ 2,254.39