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Large Area Loops

Large Area Loops

Large areas often need some form of assisted listening system but they can be complex.

Perimiter loops and Phased Array, or Super Loop, systems available

Large areas that need an induction loop system can be daunting to consider and complex to get right. To comply with current British Standards you need an even signal strength across the listening space and whilst a perimiter loop may be suitable the more complex phased array solution may well be far better.

Phased array and large loops need careful consideration and calculation so, if you need advice, all our contact details are available on our Contact Us page.

An essential part of the install is cable and wire so don't forget your installation accessories

Univox PLS-X3 Loop Amplifier
£ 533.63
(-21.57%) £ 418.54
Univox PLS-X5 Loop Amplifier
£ 643.97
(-20.00%) £ 515.17