Contacta PS-55-01-UK Power Supply

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The PS-55 power supply from Contacta is used on a huge range of their products, including the popular HLD2 loop driver which is included with their counter loop systems and the STS-A31H which powers all the Contacta Speech Transfer Systems.  

Constructed from black ABS plastic, the power supply provides 14v with a maximum output of 30w (2.14A). Complete with a 1.8m lead, the PS-55 can easily be located away from the loop amplifier to allow a flexible installation.

The dimensions of the unit are approximately 49mm wide and 93mm long, with a height of only 36mm.

Suitable for use in the UK and other countries, the power supply can cope with input voltages between 100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz and has a power consumption of only 0.8A (Max)