Contacta IL-SD01 Supaloop Aerial Desk Stand

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The IL-SD01 from Contacta is specifically designed to allow the IL-AE97 Supaloop Aerial to be stood on a flat desktop surface.

This is ideal when you are using the IL-AE97 in an application where the unit cannot be fixed to a surface or where it makes more sense to have it on the desktop. The angle of the stand provides a perfect means to visually indicate the existence of a loop system and allows for a good field of cover to be achieved.

The IL-AE97 can be fixed to the bracket using adhesive tape or pads but can also be screwed together using the predrilled holes in the corners.

For ideal coverage the stand should be positioned approximately 800mm away from the users hearing aid.

For more details download the datasheet using the "Additional Information" link under the product title at the top of this page.