"Ampetronic are innovators in the full range of induction loop / hearing loop systems and technologies. Advocates for technology solutions that improve lives of those with hearing loss."


"Contacta has perfected hearing loop systems for every conceivable application, as well as systems that integrate the loop with other voice transmission systems, such as building entries, drive-through windows, checkout counters or ticket windows."


"All of our fire alarm, voice alarm, call system and induction loop products are manufactured using state-of-the-art production techniques, helping us to guarantee excellent product quality and equipment that is consistently fit for its intended purpose."

Current Thinking

"Current Thinking Assistive Listening are manufacturers of infra red and induction loop amplifiers for the hard of hearing."


"SigNET manufactures the UK's widest range of audio-frequency induction loop equipment for the hard of hearing. "


"Long-term dedication to R&D has positioned Univox audio at the forefront of the induction loop industry. A combination of high voltage, high current and strong long-lasting casing make our loop amplifiers unparalleled in the world."